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Jul 24

Ringtone by Area Code

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Ringtones is a large industry. Instead of assigning ringtones based on people or groups on your phone, it would be interesting to be able to assign a ring to an area code or country code.

Then if I get a buzz from a mate in London I hear James Bond music.

From a friend in Oz, “I come from a land Down Under”

If someone calls from Down South you get the Dukes of Hazzard, etc etc.

(If anyone implements this Jim Halberg gets $1 per call)

31 Responses to “Ringtone by Area Code”

  1. Jim Halberg Says:

    Wow, I was only looking for $.01 per – but I’ll take the $1.

    You’re going to have to play “Mo Money Mo Problems” when I call after this.

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