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May 25

RE: Why Standardize BeanShell and Groovy?

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RMH has written a new entry, in which he gives his thoughts on Why Standardize BeanShell and Groovy?.

I am not trying to bash the JCP, or Groovy, or BeanShell.


  • I do not believe that standardizing anything before there are multiple parties involved that need to put a standard touch on it
  • I believe standards should come on very late in the process, to clean up and make common ground (concurrency, not EJB)
  • Although I can see how some “management” like the notion of standardization. It isn’t a cure. We are seeing a lot of interest in Ruby, and it isn’t a “standard”. It just happens to be scratching an itch. If JRuby was 100% done and solid, then a whole lot of people would be using it. This has nothing to do with the fact that it is standardized or not.

So, first, make something that is very usable and useful. Maybe later in the day it will get standardized, but why are we putting so much into that?

Just my 2p.

3 Responses to “RE: Why Standardize BeanShell and Groovy?”

  1. Bob Lee Says:

    There are multiple parties involved. This JSR is coming along very late in the process. BeanShell isn’t changing much if at all (mixins would be nice ;)). BeanShell is already very useable and useful. As Richard said, a JSR will give BeanShell the seal of approval it needs for mass adoption.

  2. Mike Spille Says:

    I question whether the JCP is all that meaningful anymore. Do companies really slavishly look to see a JSR seal of approval on stuff today? Not from where I sit. All a JSR really means is whatever a bunch of self-appointed experts can sneak past JCP reps from Oracle, IBM, Sun, and BEA.

    I just don’t think that the JCP is a “standards body” that any sane company really cares about.

  3. Bitter Says:

    Bob, do you really think the Beanshell project should jump through JCP hoops just to be more appealing to users stupid enough to ignore it for want of a JSR number?

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