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Sep 27

Picnik Premium

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When I logged on to Picnik yesterday I saw that their premium version had been released, and that they were letting users use it for a month.

Picnik has impressed me. If someone said “hey, you would use a Flash image editor in the browser” I would have laughed at them. Why bother? Why wouldn’t I just use a standalone client… especially for something like image work.

I was wrong. One of the tabs in my blogging window has Picnik in it, and I use it for a myriad of simple tasks. Of course, I boot up Photoshop when I need to do anything major, but that is probably only 20% of the time these days.

Thanks to the Picnik team for proving me wrong and building an image web app that is fast and uses all of the network goodness (read and save to Flickr, Picasa, Facebook, etc).

Here’s some of the premium features that I found:

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  1. James Ward Says:

    Now you are on your way to becoming a Flex evangelist. :)

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