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Oct 12

OPML in Browsers

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With IE 7 and Firefox 2 coming up to full releases, we have gotten to a place where browsers are doing better with RSS. At least, a lot better than just showing you XML :)

What is next? How about going deeper and groking something like OPML.

I would love to go to and have a drop down in the toolbar showing me all of the feeds available on the site. What better way to do that than by having the site host an OPML file (and can talk about it in meta just like we do so with RSS).

This would be a lot more useful to me than an icon saying that the given page has an RSS feed.

In fact, this means that you could even do into RSS mode and navigate and display the entire site through this. I now think of my sites as competing with my feed. If I can not make the site more useful and usable than someone looking at the feed in a reader, then I have lost. OPML takes it up a notch.

(NOTE: Mike over at TechCrunch has wanted this for awhile I think)

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