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Mar 17

Open Source projects ponder move from C/C++ to Java/.NET/other

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Havoc Pennington has written an interesting article on the future of open source desktop development.

He talks about projects like GNOME, Mozilla, OpenOffice.org, and Evolution. His discussion surrounds the (at least partial) desire to move away from the traditional C/C++ development environments, and moving to The Next Thing.

Havoc puts his thoughts on the competition (the usual suspects: Java, .NET, Perl/Python/Ruby).

I think that going with a platform makes sense. I doubt everyone is going to agree to work on GNOME using Perl. However, if Parrot really existed in the real world…. it could compete with Java and .NET the platforms.

I am feeling better and better about Java recently, as if a project was on the JVM I could choose to program in Java itself, OR something else such as Groovy, BeanShell, Jython, Rhino/JavaScript, .

This is pretty powerful, and although Swing still gets a hard time, I think it is solid in 2004 (and getting better). WinForms isn’t a silver bullet.

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