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Mar 21

NetNewsWire 2.1 beta

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NetNewsWire 2.1b16 has been released.

I backed up my feed info and have been running this beta version for awhile.

It is a lot faster (due to not having to go through Rosetta, and other perf issues that have been addressed).

NetNewsWire is the best RSS reader that I have used. I get to nest away my folders yet read all of the subdirs from the top level. I wish I could do this from email.

Also, they have got the beginnings of the feature that I really want. You can sort subscriptions by “Attention”. This means that feeds I care about swim to the top. This can become a self fulfilling prophecy though :)

I would like to manually rank my subscriptions too, and have it feed into this algorythm. This would allow me to scale, which is currently tough without using a full process manually, and not helped by the tools.

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