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Oct 24

Madison gets WiFi

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Wow, it even made it to Slashdot. Madison is getting WiFi.

A couple of years ago, I emailed the mayor pointing him to some other cities that had set up a mesh network of WiFi for the city. I thought that Madison was the perfect size city for a similar endeavour.

I was amazed to get a reply right away, talking about how they want to do just this. It got a bit tough, as they had to think about the private sector (this is the US after all ;) and had a few offers to get over, but hopefully it will really get here at some time soon.

I can’t want to do some work by the lakes in the summer, and float around getting access :)

Kudos to the mayor.

7 Responses to “Madison gets WiFi”

  1. Jason Carreira Says:

    Well, i guess now when people ask you “Why the hell would you want to live in Madison, WI??!??!” you can say “Well, it’s got Wi-Fi…”


  2. Dion Says:

    Hahah :)

    And when part of the country gets washed aside, other parts earthquaked away, and others parts run out of water, we can sit near our fresh water and have the last laugh? ;)


  3. Jim Says:

    I take it you’re not signing the petition?


  4. Rob Says:

    Soon you’ll be able to sit in any bar downtown, surf with the wifi, *and* not have to worry about the second hand smoke! Its like the health-conscious nerd’s paradise.

  5. Vinny Carpenter Says:

    I’m moving to Madison :) Goodbye Milwauke – Goodbye Brookfield

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  7. iPhone Says:

    finally, wifi ?

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