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Aug 31

Keep Marketing out of everything?

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I am a fan of Kathy Sierra, but I have to say that I am not sure about having marketing make the user manuals.

I am more like Darren and keep them away!.

I think what Kathy is really looking for is: Let’s not do a half arsed job on user manuals.

It isn’t about the glossy, it is about giving value.

These days you can buy a rocket system and you will just get a one pager that is barely readable.

It will talk about part X, and you will not be able to find it.

So, if we do care about our ‘passionate users’ let’s help them get their work done (like kathy says) solid manuals (not written by marketing people) are good.

More importantly, beyond that make the thing they are using simple to use, with good help BUILT IN. You know that someone is going to be having an issue in your application, so don’t make them hunt for a manual that they threw away a week ago :)

3 Responses to “Keep Marketing out of everything?”

  1. Guillaume Says:

    Actually not writing the base of the user manual, but packaging and polishing it …

  2. Don Marti Says:

    Marketing *people* aren’t bad, *marketing* is bad. So put the people to work on the manuals (and other thing that involve using the product and helping the users) as a way to rehabilitate them.

    (And if anyone types the words “global leader” shut down that user’s access to the word processor and the presentation application until the user posts 10 high-rated answers on the product help board.)

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