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Jan 31

JavaBlogs Language Filtering

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People jumped on javablogs for their recent outage.

The javablogs developer at Atlassian has written about what is going on at javablogs.

The item I appreciate is:

Language Filtering: English Only | All Languages

Javablogs, due to popularity, was getting blogs in many many languages. This is great. However, since I can’t understand most of them, it was a royal PITA to wade through.

It would be nice to see a tiny open source component that does the content.languageIs(ENGLISH) piece so it can be shared, and tweaked to be better and better.

I want this on technorati search results too.

2 Responses to “JavaBlogs Language Filtering”

  1. Rob Sanheim Says:

    It is available in technorati — note the langauge drop down:


  2. Anonymous Says:

    I blogged about the language filtering if you’re interested:


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