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Oct 24

Gmail now supports IMAP

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I was really excited when I logged in to Gmail and saw the new settings:

Gmail Imap

I think this is my number one feature request for Gmail, so it is great to see it role out. Since Gmail is tag/label based, it isn’t as easy to implement IMAP as it may seem, so good job dev team!

The reason that I personally care is that I have been able to do this for my corporate account:

And now, I can finally do the same for my personal email account. Check out the automatic labels that you get.

4 Responses to “Gmail now supports IMAP”

  1. Vfed Says:

    What intrigues me the most about GMail is that they’ve extended the storage limits very aggressively over the past two weeks or so. It used to be around 2600 for a year or so, then it suddenly jumped to 3100, then to 3666, and today there’s 4329 MB of storage available.

  2. Tom G Says:

    Dude- I swear my account is the last one on the planet to have this activated. Tell me the truth from the inside, Dion…does this have something to do with my new employer? Jk.

  3. Samuel Le Berrigaud Says:

    I was very interested when I read your blog post as this is one feature I was really looking forward to. Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to be for every one, yet, as I don’t get any IMAP option on my gmail accout ;-(

  4. Kjetil Paulsen Says:

    So is this for a limited set of users or what? Can’t get that choice in my settings, neither can I access it via Imap :/ Hope they fix it soon, it’s an must have feature…

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