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Jan 21

Flaming British Sheep Shagger (The Drink)

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I turned 21 when I was in Minneapolis. It was a little strange “being able to drink” since I had already been able to drink for years in England. I still think that the age for drinking and driving should be flipped in the US, mainly as I saw kids going nuts in college as it was “so naughty”.

The morning after my birthday celebrations I woke up groggy, laying without clothes on the floor of my bedroom. The last thing I remembered was getting a drink at Kierans.

That drink was a special concoction, recorded by an old friend Brian O’Neilly:

Flaming Sheep Shagger



Layer in order (Bailey’s at the bottom of the glass) in a shot glass.

Now, I swear that the Irish bar tender heard I was a brit, and put in some “green leprechaun” nonsense. Whatever it was, I apparently went nuts. I started to babble on singing about Rainbow which confused everyone as Minnesotans only know of Rainbow the grocery store. I also started talking about Braveheart, and god knows what else. I am happy to have lost those memories I am sure.

If anyone offers you this drink, be warned!

4 Responses to “Flaming British Sheep Shagger (The Drink)”

  1. Lance Lavandowska Says:

    Wish I could’ve seen that! I’m not much of a Rum lover (in fact I can’t stand it) and I’m long past 21 – but with a name like that I think I’ll have to try it. Keiran’s has long been a favorite hangout for my in-laws (100% Irish by descent) and I’ve had any number of Guiness there.

  2. Brian O'Neill Says:

    The drink is actually pretty good. Once you set the rum on fire and down it, you barely taste the room. You get kind of a hot feeling in your mouth, then the goldschlager hits you and you get a cinnamon burn, then your mouth gets coated with Baileys. After that all is well.

    And, Dion, the Green Leprechaun was a separate drink that was I believe after the Sheep Shagger…

  3. dion Says:


    Ahhhhh right. And that was the killer. Sadly, you would know better than I!


  4. replicahandbags Says:

    thanks for your share.

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