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Sep 30

Evil Java Command Line Options

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I had to laugh when I read about the new openGL command line option.

There are two different options: true and True. As in:

To silently enable the OpenGL-based pipeline, specify the
following system property on the command line:


To receive verbose console output about whether the OpenGL-based pipeline is
initialized successfully for a particular screen, specify “True” (note the
uppercase T) :


In fact, I have always been a little bothered with the command line options that we get with Java commands.

I am from the GNU school that says:

There are short hand options, and long hand options.

Short hand options use one – sign. Long hand options use two –.

I don’t know HOW many times I type:

% java –version
% java -v

before I get to the correct

% java -version

I would have much prefered to have -cp and –classpath for example. I wish they followed that convention. I also want java –help to show me all of the possible options (including X options for a particular JVM?)

Oh well. Maybe it is just me!

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  1. Agile Blog Says:


    Strickly a test…

  2. Anonymous Says:

    No! It’s not just you. Count me too

  3. foo Says:

    and me!

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