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Mar 05

Choosing a Web framework over the years

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Choosing a Web Framework

I read through Wired on the plane. In fact, I use Wired as a barometer on how much I am traveling. If I go to the airport and there IS NOT a new Wired for me to pick up, I know I am traveling too much.

Anyway, I perused the article on 37signals which did a good job on not being a total love-fest. It is one of those articles where you take out of it what you thought before. If you think they are arrogant gits you will say “yup, arrogant gits”. If you think they are doing great things for the industry, you will continue to think that too.

It did make me think about how great we had things a couple of years back when Rails was red hot. There was that brief time where you tons of people were saying “Wow, I am going to choose Rails for my next application”. The alpha masses from Java, PHP, ASP, all checked it out.

Now though? They are moving on to check out other solutions. Many frameworks have copied some of the good things from Rails that make sense in their worlds. Now when I think about the next toy to play with, I have a large set of potential “cool looking” frameworks to try.

For such a brief time, life was easy.

3 Responses to “Choosing a Web framework over the years”

  1. Jason Carreira Says:

    Rails is the PowerBuilder of our time.

  2. Gabriel Handford Says:

    I am waiting for Mongrel + Haml = Maml ;)

  3. Mark Holton Says:

    …if you’re embracing REST, Rails is still the easy choice.

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