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Feb 26

Charles Miller is my hero :)

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I was perusing in blogspace and found an entry on Why I stopped reading

It is basically another attack on us, and how we don’t care about the community because we have another site… TheServerSide.NET.

Now the author can have his own opinions, and he can choose to never darken our door again, but this stuff always makes me sigh.

We work really hard at, to find great content for the enterprise Java community. I am sure we have made some mistakes over the years (some bad news posts or whatever) but why is it that a couple of mistakes can so easily blind people to all of the other good things ™ that we do, and have done?

People in my communities group realised that .NET is here to stay, so they thought they could start another community site to help that along. Does that instantly mean that I don’t care about Java?

Just at the end of my *sigh*, I saw a post by Charles Miller, On Brand Loyalty which discusses the earlier post. It is a simple pragmatic and common sense post.

Here is an excerpt:

If we start unsubscribing from every website that dares mention that there might be a competitor to Java, how are we going to learn from those things they do better than us? We could always sit around with blinkers on denying that such things exist, but that

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  1. rebelutionary Says:

    Charles, Dion and the TSS love triangle

    OK, well I’m not sure what’s going on between Charles and Dion cue Mariah Carey singing, but I do have to agree with Charles’ sentiments. Love them or hate them, TSS has done an awful lot for the enterprise Java…