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Oct 16

Are you human?

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There is another post on tricking spam bots by putting in hidden fields and assuming that if the field is filled out, it was by a bot.

I also saw an image based approach used in Passpack. Instead of having to type something in, you just click on the correct block:

Password App CAPTCHA

Of course this is a constant arms race, and this doesn’t help for blind folk. I did prefer it to normal CAPTCHA.

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  1. Francesco Sullo Says:

    Hi Djon,
    I am happy you like our captcha. I wrote the AreYouHuman library to easily manage the captcha process.

    Currently the script it is very simple and it is not spam-bot-proof, but the next version – server controlled – will be. I’ll release it with some sample games.

    Actually, we don’t need it right now because the password quality (measured in bits) is a strong enough deterrent for spam-bots. But we use it mostly to prepare users to the similar visual pattern that they will find when they will connect to PassPack in the next time (it’s similar to the anti-phishing screen).

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