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May 27

AOP and Ajax

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Technorati peaked my interest when it found the same entry regarding AOP and Ajax.

AOP and Caching

I was recently developing a new AJAX based system for picking a drugs from a long potential list. Specifically, there are two drop down lists – picking an element from the first select list makes the page look up the entry from the server.

In itself, this is rather unexciting, but i got a chance to code is in what is IMHO a rather elegant manner:

I used JSON for the javascript-server client communication, and spring+hibernate for all server side interaction. Now, at this point, we are still talking a decent implementation, the part that I really liked was using AOP for method level caching.

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  1. Alex Says:

    Hello Dion,
    Spring Modules ( ) already has support for declarative caching services (via Spring AOP). It supports EHCache, JCS and OSCache.


  2. coolsite Says:

    ziza – cool site

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