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May 27

Anders Hejlsberg and AOP

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Anders was asked (and is being asked a lot at the moment), what his thoughts are on AOP, and how it will fit in with C#.

Anders is in a “wait and see” mode. He sees a little wary of the fact that “If I look at my code I don’t know exactly what is happening”, as someone may be weaving in. This sounds a little bit like the people that were wary of polymorphism at first, as they didn’t know what was really called. I think it would be good to show some code with and without AOP, and how you get MORE clarity in your code with it (in my opinion). I do think it is wise for Anders to be wary though, but it is good to hear that he is paying attention. He did say that he thought that Attributes were doing part of the job. I worry about people confusing Attributes and AOP.

I think there is room for Gregor to talk to Anders to have a really good discussion. In fact, there is room for this with a bunch of the Microsoft people, who are definitely poking AOP…. and could probably do with some nice information.

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