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Ilford County High School
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From the age of 11 you spent seven good years at this school. There may have been no girls but you never found it hard to muck around and have a good laugh, often getting into trouble. Remember writing "Je m'appelle Dion" on Mr. 'Yellow Armpits' Haylett's desk and denying it? You also got a detention for pulling faces in Mr Handa's class, had to sit at the front with Berni in England for laughing too much, and you had to push start Mrs Kavanagh's car for checking about handcream in the art room. There was never a dull moment and you even got suspended for a few days for caling 999 and shouting "HELP!", after which you got a right rollocking from Mr Vincent. There were some very strange characters in your class such as Piers Roddy, Matt Schink, Trevor Wooding etc and some even more bizzare teachers such as Mr. Brunnet (bisexual), Mr. Steddon the cabbage, Miss Caille the mad French teacher and your favourite, Merlin "NO SIR!" Mather.

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