Personal Information
Name: Dion Almaer Birthplace: London, England
Email: [email protected] Web Page: (My Blog)
Some of the highlights that say a lot about me are:
  • Founder of
  • Published Pragmatic Ajax, many articles, and papers.
  • Podcasts Google Developer Podcast, Audible Ajax, and many videos.
  • Editor-in-Chief of
  • Active Speaker at technical conferences, worldwide (such as JavaOne, The Ajax Experience, TheServerSide Symposium, JavaPolis, and the No Fluff Just Stuff tour)
  • Blogger: Featured on various aggregated sites around the web.
  • Java Community Process: Member of the JCP (Groovy and JDO expert groups)
I am a pragmatic who is passionate about technology. I enjoy looking to the future, whilst keeping my feet on the ground with the present.
Technical Skills
Specialized Skills
Ajax: Asynchronous JavaScript with XMLHttpRequest, DOM, and more.
Ruby: Rails framework
AOP: AspectJ, AspectWerkz, dynaop
JDO: Member of JDO 2 expert group (JSR 243)
Groovy: Member of Groovy expert group (JSR 241)

Development Tools
Lightweight Containers: Spring, PicoContainer
Application Servers: BEA WebLogic, Borland AppServer, IBM WebSphere, JBoss, Tomcat, Resin, Orion, Apache + lighttpd/mongrel, Apache + mod_perl + CPAN
SQL Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server
Web Servers: Apache, IIS, iPlanet

Agile Methodoligies
I have thrived working in agile environments, yet I am not religious on the particulars (e.g. SCRUM vs. XP)

Object Oriented Design
UML design using TogetherSoft, and Rational products

Programming Skills
Expert knowledge of Ruby (especially Rails), Java (especially EJB, JSP, Servlets), .NET (C#), Perl, C, C++, SQL (PL/SQL, T-SQL), CGI, and UNIX Shell.
Working knowledge of ASP, NSAPI, Fortran, LISP, and TCL

XML Skills
Extensive knowledge of Web Services, SOAP, XML-RPC, XML-Schema, UDDI, DOM, JDOM, SAX, and more

UI Skills
Extensive knowledge of HTML, XML (XHTML), DOM, JavaScript, and Swing

Networking Skills
Extensive knowledge of various UNIX OS's (Sun Solaris, SunOS 4.1.x, Linux, NetBSD, AIX), Windows (XP,2000,NT,95/98)
Taken Cisco Certified Network design using Cisco Routers
Work Experience
2009 to nowDirector, Developer Tools Lab, Mozilla
Core functions include:
Launch tools that help Web developers: For example, launched Bespin open source Web developer tool that enables new-age cloud based collaborative environment.
Open Web Platform: Help define the Open Web platform with the Web communi ty
Advocacy: Continue to be an advocate for the Open Web platform and technologies.
2007 to 2009 Google Developer Programs, Google
Core functions include:
Editorial: Work on Google Code, the Google Gears blog, and many others.
Podcast: Produce the Google Developer Podcast.
Developer Day: Created and run the website for the event.
Speaker: Speak at industry leading events and seminars.
2005 to now Founder and CTO, Ajaxian, Inc
Core functions include:
Editorial: Run the editorial team, and the online community that is
Podcast: Produce the Audible Ajax podcast.
Conference: Run the editorial side of The Ajax Experience conference.
Open Ajax: Represent the community in the Open Ajax initiative.
Speaker: Speak at industry leading events and seminars.
2006 to 2007 CTO, Seeking Alpha, Inc
Core functions include:
Development: Architect and develop the large scale production Seeking Alpha systems.
Management: Manage the development team using agile practices. Also, participate with the management team to discuss business strategy focusing on how it applies to the technical side of the company.
2004 to now Founder and CTO, Adigio, Inc
Core functions include:
Instructor: Certified to train students in EJB, J2EE, Java, XML and more
Mentor: Act as a mentor for development groups
Architect: Architect large scale enterprise solutions (J2EE, .NET)
Speaker: Speak at industry leading seminars
2000 to 2004 Editor-in-Chief and Principal Technologist, The Middleware Company
Built and run TheServerSide.Com
Core functions include:
Instructor: Certified to train students in EJB, J2EE, Java, XML and more
Mentor: Act as a mentor for development groups
Chief Architect for TSS: Run the development for TheServerSide.Com
Architect: Architect large scale enterprise solutions (Currently focusing in J2EE)
Speaker: Speak at industry leading seminars
Contributor: Actively contribute to and other online and offline communities
Editor: Run the editorial content for (including symposiums)
1999 to 2000 Senior Software Engineer, XOR, Inc
Core functions include:
Application Team Leader: Direct the programming of development projects. This includes requirements gathering, Object Oriented Analysis and Design (UML), and implementation.
Primarily involved in J2EE solutions (BEA WebLogic)
Core Technology Development: Responsible for looking to the future, and the 'big picture' with respect to new technology. Looking at, and evaluating new application servers and tools, focussing on the J2EE environment.
1995 to 1999 Technical Director, MedServe Link Incorporated
Core functions include:
Application Team Leader: Direct the programming of all development projects. This includes comprehending, designing, and finally implementing applications.
Core Technology Development: Maintain the majority of the core technologies used. I am responsible for looking to the future, and the 'big picture' with respect to technology.
Cross-Functional Involvement: Responsible for communicating with the other key functions within the company (Business Development, Implementation, Sales, ...)
People Management: Manage the development team, offering regular feedback, as well as the benefit of my experience. I focus on keeping the group productive (striving for the best possible work environment, training, and general job satisfaction)

System administration tasks include: Managing several T1's (Frame-Relay and Point to Point), a cluster of Sun Ultra SPARC stations
Intergrating with Windows NT stations
Adapting USR Total Control Hubs for large usage
Managing several thousand users
TCP/IP Network Design
Sybase and MySQL SQL Server administration
Managing a cluster of Netscape Enterprise and Apache Web Servers
1996 to 1997 WWW Developer, University of Minnesota's WebTeam
Designed and implemented a Web based student registration system that was featured in various newsletters and television.
Involved with the management of the large Office of the Registrar site
SQL Database, and *DBM database work, to allow all students to "browse" through ALL of the Class Schedules, Financial Aid, and other services
Java/JavaScript programming: Both Client and Server-Side Java programming implementing new ideas with the new Netscape Enterprise server
Perl/C CGI Scripting, and adding functionality to the server via NSAPI developement
1994 to 1996 Systems Developer, University of Minnesota's Systems Group
Custom Web programming for departments involving database work, credit card controls over the internet, NSAPI programs for the Netscape Server
Security and administration tasks for over 120,000 accounts
Software development in perl, and c
Internet Relay Chat admin (for EFNet, the worldwide irc network)
1991 Assistant Teacher, Redbridge Primary School, London England
Responsible for teaching ages 7 - 11, in various subjects.
Recent Publications
TheServerSide (February 2005) I Love Luc-ene: A case study showing the creation of a high level search system for TheServerSide
TheServerSide (October 2003) Give your DB a Break: Using Caching for Speed and Availability
TheServerSide (August 2003) JDO 2.0: Big chances are coming for the new release
TheServerSide (July 2003) Interview: Gregor Kiczales on Aspect-Oriented Programming
TheServerSide (April 2003) Interview: Aslak Hellesoy on XDoclet
TheServerSide (April 2003) Clustering TSS: Porting a J2EE application to Sun ONE Application Server
TheServerSide (October 2002) Clustering TSS: Migrating TheServerSide to a clustered environment
ONJava (June 2002) Enhance Collection Performance with this Treasure Trove
ONJava (May 2002) Creating Web Services with Apache Axis
ONJava (April 2002) J2EE Design Patterns: CMP-to-BMP Pattern
TheServerSide.Com (March 2002) Making a Real World PetStore
WebLogic Dev Journal (February 2002) Using EJBGen: 1 file that does the work of 3+
ONJava (February 2002) Using Java Data Objects (JDO)
ONJava (February 2002) Using XDoclet: Developing EJBs with Just the Bean Class
ONJava (January 2002) The Debate Over Java Data Objects (JDO)
TheServerSide.Com (January 2002) Future of EJBs: Tools Are Finally Catching Up
EJBean (November 2001) ejbProfile: Dion Almaer
ONJava (October 2001) XML Data Binding with Castor
ONJava (August 2001) Web FORM-Based Authentication
Java Report (July 2001) Tag Libraries: JSPs in the Enterprise
ONJava (May 2001) EJB 2.0 Message-Driven Beans
Formal Education
1995 Accepted into the University Of Minnesota for BS in Computer Science
1994 3 A levels: Grade A's in Pure Maths, Chemistry, and A/S Mechanics Grade B in Physics
1993 As a supplement to A-levels took an Electronics GCSE, and passed with a 'B' grade
1992 Took 8 GCSE Exams (General Certificate of Education), passing with 4 Grade A's in Business Studies (with I.T.), English Language, French, and Technology.
4 Grade B's in English Lit, Double Science, and Spanish
1991 Selected to take GCSE Math Exam 1 year early, and passed with an 'A' grade
1987 Passed nationwide selective exam (Eleven Plus) to be accepted into Ilford County High School for Boys
Computers Java Community Process: Member of the JCP (Groovy and JDO expert groups)
No Fluff Just Stuff: Speaker on the No Fluff Just Stuff symposium tour
BEA Developer Advisory Council: Member of 10 person council for BEA Systems
BJUG: Member of Boulder Java User Group
ACM: Member of the University of Minnesota's Association of Computing Machinery chapter
Perl Mongers: Member of the Minneapolis Perl advocacy group
MHTA: Member of Minnesota High Tech Association
Music Classical Piano Lessons from Age 10 to 18 reaching Grade 6.
Jazz Piano Lessons from distinguished Jazz artist for one year.
Theory of Music: Grade 6.
Sports Cricket: Captain of High School team throughout education
Captain of Enfield Cricket Team from age 11 to 18
Captain of Redbridge Borough Youth
Member of Enfield cricket team, Middlesex League
Member of Middlesex Youth Cricket team
Soccer: Member of High School soccer team though out education
Member of Old Parkonians football team (saturday league)
Karate: Reached Brown Belt after several years of study
Misc YouthCARE: Voluntary work, dealing with creating racial awareness
First Aid: Qualified St John's Ambulance / American Red Cross first aider
Duke Of Edinburgh: Participant in the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme, Bronze through Gold (includes volunteer work and week long hikes)