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Mar 24

Yet Another Mac OS X Application List

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I have had a lot of people ask me about various apps that I use on my MacBook (especially for switchers).

Ben and I keep a list up on tada that we use to inform eachother when we find something else. It isn’t exhaustive, but it has the meat of what we run. There is no real order here, and the apps that we live for (QuickSilver) are mixed with goofy things (Solitaire).

The current snap shot is below, but it is always changing. Are we missing anything major?

4 Responses to “Yet Another Mac OS X Application List”

  1. Chris Laprun Says:

    Nice list!

    If you like Clutter, you might want to try CoverFlow (http://www.steelskies.com/coverflow/HomePage.html).

    Desktop Manager doesn’t seem to be developed anymore. However Tony Arnold (http://tonyarnold.com/) has picked up development on Virtue (an other OS virtual desktop for OS X based on desktop manager but with added niceties) and is releasing new versions very often. Virtue is now compatible with Intel Macs as well…

    Path Finder from Cocoatech (http://www.cocoatech.com/) is a nice albeit not free Finder replacement.

    Quicksilver rules of course! :)

  2. Dion Almaer Says:


    You are my hero. Been trying a bunch of desktop managers and they all aren’t working well for me on the mactel.

    Virtue is quirky (moving apps to different windows is flaky) but in general it is working great for me. I am so happy to have a d.m. back :)



  3. Roustem Karimov Says:

    Just wanted to mention that SSHKeychain posted on Ta-Da list is still a PowerPC app. I built a Universal binary of SSHKeychain 7.2 out of the trunk:

    Seems to be working fine on my Intel iMac.

  4. Kirill Morozov Says:

    I can recommend to you BitROcket as a bittorrent clint. nice app.

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