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Jun 19

World Cup at the Airport

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I had to travel for 24 hours, with 3 flights one way. Luckily the timing of the flights was spot on for the footy action. This meant that I was able to watch yesterdays games at pubs in various airports.

What was interesting about this was seeing all of the people getting together to watch. I saw *so* many people in country football jerseys all over.

It also proved to me the small world philosophy. I was sitting next to a couple from Wales and Leeds, and after hanging out we found out that we both live in the same town in the US. In fact, the guy is the referee for UW Madison. Very cool.

This reminds me of the big screen change at this world cup. In the past everyone was told to NOT travel to the world cup country unless you have tickets to stop fighting in the streets. This cup has been a testiment to the changes, as we haven’t had the same problems (yet. long may it continue).

Also, instead of trying to fit into small bars to watch the game, Germany, and other countries, have setup huge HD setups so you get to watch the game with thousands of people from all over the world. Some friends have said that this experience has been better than the games themselves!

Kudos to the Germs, and everyone having a great time over there.

Now I need to find the perfect place to watch the England game tomorrow where I am.

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