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Mar 05

Wireless Networks at Conferences

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When you are at a conference it is often really tough to have a smooth ride wrt wireless.

One of the key factors in my experience has been, that top notch stable networks are:

Sponsored by Nortel (or Linksys, or insert other company)

rather than:

Sponsored by [A non networking company]

James Duncun Davidson was talking about the challenges of setting up a conference WiFi setup.

There are issues such as how multicast on a WiFi network becomes N unicast messages. DHCP itself is multicast, so you can easily get into network storms if you are unlucky. You probably shouldn’t give leases for 2 years out to the nodes either…

Also, 802.11b screws up things, so a lot of places try to have two seperate networks for b and g.

Interesting challenges. WiFi is the #1 thing I look for at a conference (I don’t care about the food, or the back-pack!). Hopefully next TSSS will have a less frustrating situation ;)

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