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Feb 05

When integration doesn’t work

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[11:50] *** Creating connection “dionxxxxxxx”
[11:50] *** Error while connecting (Error Code: 2). Disconnecting.
[11:50] *** We could not sign you in to MSN Messenger because Internet Explorer is currently set to work offline. Please change this setting on your browser’s File menu, and then try signing in again.

2 Responses to “When integration doesn’t work”

  1. Anjan Bacchu Says:

    hi dion,


    most people don’t realize (not saying that you didn’t know) that most IM programs(MSN, YAHOO) use I.E as the underlying RENDER/connect engine.

    BTW, does anyone know of an IRC client which can connect through corporate firewalls ? I’d like to get onto the ruby on rails IRC but cannot since our corporate firewall doesn’t let anything but 80/443.


  2. simon valter Says:

    Anjan Bacchu>
    You can set up something like cgi-irc:
    on a webserver outside the firewall or set up something like
    If you don’t have the option to run it on your own server i know that there are companys who provide it as a service and i think there are some free ones as well. I can’t remember who they are.

    You could also do a search for “CGI:IRC Login” and the server name/network you want access to. Some run cgi-irc without any restrictions on servers you can connect to or channels you can join.

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