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Jun 15

We have tooltips, let’s use them!

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I am sure everyone in the world who visits fifaworldcup.com knows that SCG means Serbia and Montenegro (at least for the moment!), but wouldn’t it hurt to at least put in a tooltip so you can hover over the three level crypticness to tell you who is playing, even if you need to keep the three letters for size constraints in the mini table?

Or maybe change the table so a country name can fit?


2 Responses to “We have tooltips, let’s use them!”

  1. anjan bacchu Says:

    hi dion,

    I subscribed to one of google’s external feeds from SPORTS ILLUSTRATED, and guess what , that also doesn’t easily tell me what CRC means(see here http://anjan.summit.googlepages.com/fifacup.jpg).


  2. Jim Halberg Says:

    I have the World Cup scores/standings/etc on my “Personalized Homepage”, from Google (and SI), and they spell it all out for me.

    Don’t worry though, you won’t need to remember SCG much longer :)

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