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Jan 18

VisualStudio vs. Eclipse vs. IDEA

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Derek has explained why he prefers Eclipse to VS:

So why do I prefer Eclipse?

In the course of talking about it, I came up with my answer. Eclipse if built by top developers for themselves. VisualStudio is built by top developers for some other developers. Both IDEs were built by teams of some very smart developers, but Eclipse developers seem more focused on building a product that they themselves would want to use. Microsoft has a strong internal culture that says that their primary target developer isn’t as good a developer as most Microsoft developers. Which do you think will result in a ‘better’ product?

But what if you don’t want any bloat, and instead really like intelligent tools?.

4 Responses to “VisualStudio vs. Eclipse vs. IDEA”

  1. anjan bacchu Says:

    hi dion,

    “Which do you think will result in a ‘better’ product?”

    visual studio, for the average developer

    eclipse : for the above average developer!

    I have been using eclipse for 5 years now and I have been told “that eclipse is complex ” from people transitioning from editors!


  2. Jesse Kuhnert Says:

    Yeah, what you said about IDEA. Debating the finer points of VS vs. eclipse is pretty redundant. =p

    Someone has made me start using IDEA on a project lately and I’m starting to like it..The only problem is that sun has crap support for gtk so I’ll never have that snappy l&f that I can’t live without now. Death to java apps that look like java apps..

  3. Brian Pontarelli Says:

    I think one of the major misses with most developers (although not folks like Neal Ford) is the power of the keyboard. The reason Eclipse, VS and NetBeans always fall short for me and most other keyboard oriented coders is the lack of intelligent keyboard support. IDEA by far supports keyboard coding best. To me this says that the IDEA developers are not only coders themselves, use IDEA to code everything but also find the mouse slow like so many of us out there do.

    Here a page I try to keep up to date twice a year on keyboard coding comparisons between the major Java IDEs:

  4. replicahandbags Says:

    amazing,thanks for sharing!!

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