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Nov 23

Thought Inc is not involved with JDO 2!

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On the JDO 2 expert group, there has been talk about Thought Inc telling customers/potential customers that the JDO 2.0 expert group was having troubles figuring out how to do OR mapping, so Thought representatives were helping the JDO 2.0 expert group understand how to do it. This is TOTALLY UNTRUE. The truth is that Craig Russell received a reply to his request for them to join the effort which basically said “We already know how JDO 2 should be. So just pay us and we will write the spec for you… oh and if you don’t we may sue you”. Members of the JDO 2 expert group are totally open to having Thought Inc as part of team, but they have been quite ridiculous. So, if you hear Thought Inc employees telling you lies about their involvement with JDO 2… remember… they are lies.

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