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Feb 21

The definition of pain…

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pain noun, /peɪn/:

  1. Watching a friend install a user friendly linux on a Macbook Pro

Still a long way to go.

Beryl is definitely interesting though. I just with there were MORE choices for a window manager in linux.

5 Responses to “The definition of pain…”

  1. DeWitt Clinton Says:

    MBP + Bootcamp + rEFIt + Ubuntu + LILO, and it still isn’t working yet, either!

  2. Guillaume Says:

    That’s what I’ve recently done on my mbp: OsX is nice for general computer usage (surfing, mailing, feed reading, wording, xceling, omnioutlining, …), windows is good for gaming (and because you do not have much choice for a number of things), but when I need to do some real development I have to get back to a real unix system with virtual screens, an efficient window manager, and a lot of control and scriptability, and a distraction free environment. Plus I’ve never got apache, postgres and python to work the way I want on OsX.

    I have the same problem with all the 3 major OS, they have a number of things they are really good at but for the others it’s a real pain … I guess I need a slider going from ease of use to mega-über power user on my system …

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