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Jan 24

The Consultants: Inverting Your Control

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Inverting Your Control Comic

Have any of you gone through some time “cleaning up your code” only to realize that it was actually easier to understand before hand?

5 Responses to “The Consultants: Inverting Your Control”

  1. Howard M. Lewis Ship Says:

    Hits a little close to home. IoC is much easier when its the initial design. I’ve been burned on this where *half* of the conversion from monolithic to IoC took place and then I got dragged off before I could finish the rest. The end result was good testing of a bunch of less important things, but code that was very confusing to everyone else.

    Proper IoC is lots of interfaces but not many abstract classes. And I don’t autogenerate anything (at build time, runtime is another matter).

    Dion — did you draw this or find it?

  2. unacoder Says:

    i get paid a good salary to mess up clean code.

  3. Larry Singer Says:

    Interfaces? YAGNI !

    (See EJB 3.1)

  4. Howard M. Lewis Ship Says:

    IAGNI (I am gonna need it) — Interfaces give me proxies for interception, lazy loading, state management, transaction management, mock testing with EasyMock. They become self documenting, help/force me to break concepts into truly independent concerns, keep my code small and smart. Yep, gonna need all of that and more.

  5. Michael Duffy Says:

    Who says refactoring to IoC has to be an all-or-none proposition?

    I’ve found that using Spring in legacy code works out pretty well. I don’t have to rewrite the entire code base to benefit from using it. It plays nicely with others.

    Anybody who would pay a high priced consultant just to rewrite existing code to make it fashionable deserves to be fleeced.

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