Sep 30

From Google Developer Day to The Ajax Experience

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I am on the final leg of a few weeks on the road. I had a great time in Europe speaking at the Google Developer Day events. Above, are the slides from the Madrid event for the “State of Ajax” talk that I gave.

The video is up too:

Now, in Boston, I am having a great time at The Ajax Experience as always. The reason that Ben and I started this event was to have an excuse to get the community together. The speakers are top notch, and it is great to have them.

Since Ben and I have given a ton of talks together, we wanted to shake it up a little bit for our opening keynote. So, 30 minutes before the talk, we whipped up a trivial “Random Presenter” application that would run a buzzer at a random time between the min and max that you set. We used 10 seconds to 120 seconds, and whenever the buzzer went, the other presenter had to take over at the point. This would often be mid-sentence, and Ben did a particularly good job at ending mine :)

It was a lot of fun for us, and I hope it was a little entertaining for the crowd. There is nothing like improv to keep you on your toes!