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Sep 15

Surreal Chicago No Fluff

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I had a good time speaking and participating at the Chicago No Fluff Just Stuff Symposium this weekend. I am sure that it will probably be one of the more “strange” ones for me, as the following things happened:

- Got lost on the way to meet people for dinner, so Jay Z (conf organizer) decided to drive the rental minivan like he does his Audi TT, and jumped a median. I felt like I was in Starsky and Hutch
- Got roped into seeing a movie. The movie was MEANT to be Matchstick Men (which I hear is meant to be good). We got their too late, and had to sit through “Once upon a time in Mexico”, which had great lines like “Are you a mexi-CAN or a mexi-CAN’T”.
- When getting out of the theatre, Jay remember that he had to pick up another speaker at the airport. We rushed over there, and tried to find him. None of us had even seen him, and had no idea what he looked like. We didn’t find him (as he had already jumped in a cab)
- At ~4AM the damn alarm went off in the hotel. It is still in my brain. Piercing!
Getting out of the hotel is JUST what you want at 4am!
- Jay and I were on our way to the airport. We got to his rental (the hot minivan) and he couldn’t find his keys. I looked into the car and saw them sticking out of the ignition. He promises that he hasn’t done that for at least 6 years ;)

Lots to laugh about :)

The conference itself was good as always. I got to sit in and see James Duncun’s Objective C talk, and enjoyed watching Ted Neward and Bruce Tate debate J2EE vs .NET (it was civilized… no fisty cuffs [unfortunately!]). The AspectJ/AOP talk by Glen Vanderburg was good to see too. I was interested to see the people in the room, and what they would think of it!

I wonder what will happen at the next No Fluff :)

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