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Sep 30

Spring 1.1.1 Released

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What was that about a new Java release?

There is a new Spring point release! :) :)

Dear Spring community,

I’m pleased to announce that Spring Framework 1.1.1 has just been released.
This is a bugfix and minor enhancement release.

Among the new features in this release are:

* “import” element for XML bean definitions
* support for non-public classes and non-public init and destroy methods
* bean factory regards bean references for correct destruction order (not requiring “depends-on”)
* bean factory detects JDK 1.4 and Commons Collections for linked/identity map creation
* factored out the “publishEvent” method into the ApplicationEventPublisher interface
* included new “test” package in mock JAR, offering superclasses for tests requiring Spring contexts

* added “applyQueryTimeout” method to the JdoDialect interface
* added “addAttribute” and “getAttribute” methods to RemoteInvocation
* explicit support for EHCache via EhCacheManagerFactoryBean and EhCacheFactoryBean
* SimpleMessageConverter102 handles BytesMessage without JMS 1.1’s “getBodyLength” method
* added JmsGatewaySupport convenience base class

* added ServletForwardingController and ServletWrappingController
* BindStatus and BindTag can be created without Errors instance in the request too
* changed MessageTag’s “arguments” attribute to Object
* added “javaScriptEscape” attribute to MessageTag
* added EscapeBodyTag aka “spring:escapeBody”

As always, have a look at the changelog for details.



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