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Feb 25

Sharing WebLogic configurations is a pain

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We are finally getting around to upgrading to WLS 8.1sp2. Everytime I take a fresh look at a new version of WebLogic, I hope that they made it easier to share configuration.

If you look at another server such as Orion, I can simply keep the XML config files (server.xml, data-source.xml, default-web-site.xml, etc) in source control, and simply need to copy them over to the right directory, wherever I happen to install Orion.

If you look at WebLogic you see a config.xml, which can’t be shared. It isn’t a read only kinda thing. The server is always updating it. The {3DES} credential is a pain, and it always wants to put in absolute URLs all over the shop. This means that we have to have an alaborate process to share config information among developers / our machines.

I with the concept of WLS config was separated from the running info that WLS seems to need that it keeps in the domain directory. This way we could share a lot easier (like we do with other servers). What do other people do to get around this?

On the plus side, 8.1 is running faster than ever, and seems to have fixed a few issues that we had. It is still dog slow at compiling JSPs though… why do they exec() on a JSP compiler? :)

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