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Sep 30

Searching for Ajax in 2001 on Google

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Ajax search for Google at 10

When Dylan told me about the idea to resurrect an old index as part of the 10 year old birthday festivities, I thought it was very cool indeed.

They found one, and you can search on it here. Vanity searches are fun, and Ajax returns very different results :)

5 Responses to “Searching for Ajax in 2001 on Google”

  1. pamela fox Says:

    Nice website, Dion. I had no idea you were ever so young.

    And great use of Comic Sans. We could really use more of that in Web2.0.

  2. brent ashley Says:

    If you search on Remote Scripting or XMLHTTP, you’ll see where the Ajax field was at the time.

  3. Erik Hatcher Says:

    Yeah, but search on Ajax’s daddy, “remote scripting” :)

  4. rick Says:

    I love that the “unofficial Ajax homepage” is “Lynx enhanced”!! You had to make that up!

  5. Gabriel K. Says:

    Great idea!
    I search for “hibernate”. Fun too : “why do bears hibernate”

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