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Sep 26

Promote JS; Give newbies a chance :)

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javascript on search

Do a search for JavaScript and you find a painful set of returns. The worst offender is having Java results show up. Ouch. (Remember: Java is to JavaScript as Ham is to Hamster!).

Compare to a search for Java, or C#, or Ruby, (or ….).

Ouch. We need better. To begin with the pirates of JSConf (lead by the awesome Mr. Chris Williams!) have started a grass roots Operation SEO at Promote JS. Go there, and help the cause by doing embeds like the following:

JavaScript JS Documentation: JS String replace, JavaScript String replace, JS String .replace, JavaScript String .replace

If we can do half of the work to promote this as we have with the awesome VaporJS library, then we should be in a better place.

Step 2: Come up with a fantastic landing area for JavaScript.

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