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Aug 03

Perl 6: Endgame?

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Alasdair Allan went to hear from Damian Conway and Larry Wall promise that Perl 6 is going to happen. Honest.

Although it is very interesting to hear the Apocalypses and Exegenesis’ come to us over the years… I am actually a little more interested in Parrot.

I hear you all laughing out there. Parrot? That crazy Perl 6 VM toy?

It could end up academic, but having a cool VM built for dynamic languages is interesting. It could be the perfect VM for Ruby 2…. as well as many others.

Sure, my ideal would be to have all of these languages running on the JVM like Rhino and Groovy (JRuby… you can get there!), this would be a second best. And, with a nice bridge Parrot and the JVM could play together.

Ok, I know I know…. I am kinda out there.

4 Responses to “Perl 6: Endgame?”

  1. Adrian Howard Says:

    Hey, with PUGS, a fair amount of Perl 6 is already here :-)

    I’m moderately excited about Parrot too. Not just because it will make writing dynamic languages simpler, but because (since they’re all talking to the same VM) it should be a lot easier to get them talking to each other.

    Being able to use CPAN from Python. Being able to use WTR from Perl. Writing Rails actions in Lisp. Now that would be rather nice.

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