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Feb 16

O’Reilly Head First Series

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What do you think of the O’Reilly Head First series? The covers have put me off, but I had the design patterns version in front of my at Barnes and Noble (A.K.A. my library).

I only had time to flick through, but I was actually impressed. I think that too many tech books are long and boring tombs. When I think about the books that I remember, they are The Little Lisper, and the Squeak book, and more of that ilk.

Here’s to ‘out of the box’ tech books.

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  1. Neeraj Kumar Says:

    Head first books are a bit too verbose for me; even for the topics I don’t have much grasp on. But the head first EJB was a good one I’ll admit. Just visit javaranch and you feel like this book is the life-saver for anyone wanting to clear SCBCD certification.

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