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Sep 28

New and improved My Yahoo!

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I have always liked My Yahoo! Even though the world has moved to RSS, I still pop over to from time to time. It has a really nice view of my stuff. Movies, Flights, DVDs, as well as news.

A BETA RSS module was released a few months back, but that is nothing compared to the new version of of My Yahoo! itself.

You can: Migrate to the new My Yahoo!

It is now a content framework. You can grab anything you want. I really like the UI which allows you to visualise your page and move things around with drag and drop. Very sexy :)

For RSS, I still like NewsGator though. It comes in like email. Pull vs. Push.

Rael Dornfest of O’Reilly has a good entry on it

One Response to “New and improved My Yahoo!”

  1. Jason Kratz Says:

    As a subscriber to SBC DSL and thus SBC Yahoo! we’ve had access to this for quite awhile now. Handy but not that great once you’re used to it. Certainly better than the old method though.


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