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Aug 26

New Ajax Podcast on

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Ben and I had a lot of fun today:

We decided to bite the bullet, and try a new medium. Thus started the fun and games required in getting a Podcast up and running for

Our first opening podcast focuses on:

  • Introducing what we want to do with the podcast
  • Having Dion and Ben discussing Ajaxian issues
  • Going through recent items discussed in the Ajax community, from DWR, to Prototype, to CPAINT, and more

The RSS feed is located at:

Our ODEO channel


We are looking for YOUR feedback and participation. is a community, and we love your ongoing input.

  • What would you like us to cover in the podcast?
  • Who would you like us to interview? (we have some exciting interviews in the pipeline)

Thanks for the help, give us a listen!

It was interesting learning how the whole Podcast thing works (and we have more to learn). I had Audacity going, and Ben had GarageBand:


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