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May 23

Microsoft is Thinking in Flex; I like to read my feeds though

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Spectra Full

Bruce Eckel pointed to Microsoft Spectra, the new feed reader that uses Flex, and he questions their lack of dogfood eating. Of course, this is MSNBC (which is far from Microsoft), and who knows when development started.

What I find more interesting is the fact that beyond the flash-y visualizations, would you actually want to read news like this:

Spectra Feed View

Rich visualizations are great when they show you something in a new way that adds value. This just seems to make it harder to get to the content :)

Even Ryan Stewart must think that this isn’t a good “RIA” ;)

3 Responses to “Microsoft is Thinking in Flex; I like to read my feeds though”

  1. Jarques Says:

    I personally feel that Spectra is more of a technology showcase rather than a replacement for reading news (not sure what MSNBC aimed at).

    I think what they did with the overall user interface is great, but I have to agree that reading news like it’s being presented isn’t exactly all that good.

  2. Ryan Stewart Says:

    Yeahhhh, I probably wouldn’t that to showcase how far RIAs have come in the usability and productivity worlds :)

  3. Lauren Says:

    Would be great to see a direct link between Micrsoft and Flex especially now that Silverlight is out. oh well.

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