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Dec 16

Learning from Tech Luminaries

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Chatting to smart people at conferences, and in meetings, got Ben and I thinking about doing an interview show that would allow us to take some time to learn from luminaries in our industry.

We have many shows that talk about technical issues, but what about getting to know the people a little more, what makes them tick, and what brought them to this point?

There is an interviewer named Michael Parkinson who is the best in the business. In the US when Brad Pitt comes on Leno, you learn that he has a new movie, and Leno cracks some jokes.

In the UK when Brad Pitt comes on Parky, you actually get to know the guy, and some fun stories. Parky lets the interviewer talk. He makes them at home and they actually talk to you.

This is what I want to see come out of Tech Luminaries. There are a lot of interesting characters in tech, so let’s listen to their stories.

First up is Brendan Eich. We did this interview back in 2007 before we had any idea that we would be joining Mozilla, which gives the interview an interesting lens.

Brendan is incredibly sharp and is a fun guy to let ramble on about many topics. We have a couple more old ones in the can, and will start doing some new ones, including in video form.

Download the MP3 directly, and you can subscribe via iTunes.

Who would you like to see interviewed?

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