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Sep 28

Keeping track of the new Persistence effort because you DO care

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I am really excited about the new persistence effort that Sun have been able to push for.

It is so obviously important to have one persistence API. I mean. Come on.

Although I am excited, that doesn’t mean that I am blind. I know that many people really are ready to have a go and work together on this. However, it is as important as ever for the community to watch over this and make sure that a fair, and best solution comes out of the process.

This feels a little like the Bush administration have managed to make us feel about what they are doing. Their marketing folk have done an amazing job to make the public feel that you have to blindly follow Bush and co, else you are not patriotic.

This is evil. There is nothing un-patriotic about wanting to know the truth, and keeping on top of what is happening. In fact, it is unpatriotic to blindly follow.

So, why the hell am I spewing politics? Well, for one, I am so mad at what is going on in the world… and for two, because I don’t want the same to happen with the JCP.

Firstly, I don’t think that the JCP is as bad as the current administration :)

However, just because The Right Thing has happened, and all groups are looking in the right direction, that doesn’t mean we can switch off.

The community needs to watch what comes out of the JCP with respect to the persistence API (and everything else). What are your concerns? Are they met? If they aren’t (or are) please participate and let the expert group know.

Let’s all get together and make this process be the best that it can. I have no doubts that we can come up with great standards if we all play in the game!

One Response to “Keeping track of the new Persistence effort because you DO care”

  1. Jason Carreira Says:

    What’s the best way to watch the progress and comment on it? Any links? Any insight?

    I’d love to comment, but the JCP stuff is usually behind closed doors.

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