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May 31

JVM support for AOP in JRockit

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It was nice to read Jonas Boner talk about the session at JavaOne 2005 on AOP in the JVM.

This will be the first time ever to show an enterprise JVM – BEA JRockit – with native AOP support. Alex Vasseur and myself have been pushing for this idea since the early days of AspectWerkz when we joined the JRockit group, and it’s finally taking shape, with now support for AspectJ 5, the de-facto standard for AOP in Java.

Credit should also go to Joakim Dahlstedt, the CTO of JRockit, who has been playing a leading role in the design and implementation.

We will talk about the current problems with bytecode based weaving (multiple agents, double bookkeeping, performance etc.) and then discuss how these problems can be solved through native JVM support. We will show a prototype of our implementation, go through the programming model and run a live demo.

Having native AO support in the VM will be very cool indeed. Microsoft has some features itself in their research VM called “Phoenix”.

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