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Jun 29

Java SE/EE/ME: Cutting 2000 to 2

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Graham Hamilton’s come out at let us know the big news of JavaOne, in: Goodbye “J2SE”, Hello “Java SE”.

The 2 has always been dumb. Java 2 Enterprise Edition 5.0 makes no sense.

A friend on the No Fluff tour told a story of how Java 2 was actually going to be “Java 2000″. The engineers at JavaSoft got so offended that they started a petition arguing how lame that was, and asking marketing if they had see the success of Windows 2000? The price on the petition was for the engineers to quit if they didn’t make the change.

Urban legend has it that the change was made, but the problem was all of the JavaOne banners were already produced. What did they do? Cut off “000″ from the sign!

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