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Jul 30

James Strachan does something strange…. he actually talks about what Open Sourcing Java means :)

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I had a chat with James at JavaOne, and we discussed the whole open source Java topic.

My biggest frustration about all of the talk in the industry has been that it didn’t seem like anyone was giving any actually information on what THEY considered an open source Java to mean.

Why do you want open source Java?
What don’t you like about Java as it stands?
What do you want to open source?
What license?
Who has access / power?

James has thought about the various scenarios that we currently have, in which the current Java model gets in the way. He then has cut to the chase on what would need to happen to help these scenarios out, and the solution ISN’T to open source all of the Java source code, the JVM, etc etc.

He basically wants to create an open source project (JRT) which is the rt.jar. Note that this isn’t a Java brand thing, and would mean that the poor GNU Classpath guys could focus on other things :)

Check it out. What do you think? Why Sun should open source Java and how – a new proposal (not open source Java but JRT)

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