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Oct 30

Jack Bauer Justice

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When watching a Bill Mahr show, the right wing floozie talked about the torture craziness that got passed as “Jack Bauer Justice”.

I started off as a 24 fan. As a T.V. show it is fun, and how they made the clock part of the show was ingenious. However, we have stopped watching it in recent seasons as you can’t help but wonder what messages it sends (well it is pretty obvious). Running into a room and putting electrodes on someone shouting “TELL ME WHERE THE BOMB IS” may make for good telly, but that doesn’t actually work. If you did that to me I would tell you where some bomb is to get the electrodes off. Studies have proven this doesn’t work too (this is all besides the point on ethics).

Having this guy use 24 to prove a point scared me. “You all love Jack Bauer. He always gets the guy. We just want to enable Jack to do his job”. Ouch.

Now it is time to turn off the TV and play cards to get the real Jack Bauer.

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