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Sep 29

J2SE 5.0 final release is available for download

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Tiger has finally come out of its cage.

Sun has announced the General Availability of J2SE 5, which includes JDK and JRE 5.

Download it (and try not to fall for the “Damn it, they got me to download NetBeans!” trap :)

It is annoying that when I tried to install this final release it complained telling me to uninstall my RC version. Why doesn’t the installer do that! Grr.

7 Responses to “J2SE 5.0 final release is available for download”

  1. venkat Says:


  2. venkat Says:


  3. V Says:

    Hi . I’m living in a country which I cant download J2SE 5 from sun.com . because they know my IP . so how can I find another one in another sites? can you help me? please send the answer to my mail . bye

  4. balaraju Says:

    thking you

  5. jupe Says:

    nemtom, mi kell ide

  6. elsa Says:

    i need j2 se couse i am studing java at schhol and i think this is the best version of java compilators

  7. zain Says:

    thnkx for uploder

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