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May 02

IntelliJ IDEA 5.0: Web Productivity

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It was good to hear that IntelliJ IDEA 5.0 is coming soon.

I am excited about some of the features like native SVN support etc, but to be honest what I really am into, is the JavaScript support.

At the moment, Visual Studio (Whidbey) has an awesome HTML/JavaScript story. You can select what browsers/standards you want to target and completion filters to the features supported by your set.

Now I won’t have to leave the world of IDEA to get my JavaScript support!

7 Responses to “IntelliJ IDEA 5.0: Web Productivity”

  1. Keith Lea Says:

    And, you will get IDEA’s smart editing features like ctrl+click, Find Usages, and inline error highlighting in Javascript.

  2. Mathias Bogaert Says:

    Also the Find Usages for CSS classes and CSS error highlighting is cool!

  3. Patrick Lightbody Says:

    I’m a little skeptical that CSS/JavaScript support will work well in the real world. JetBrains hasn’t done anything to show me that it will work, for example, with SiteMesh or other technologies where the CSS and/or JavaScript is rendered dynamically, or simply just _mapped_ dynamically.

    JetBrains _really_ needs to open up their API better and provide simple ways for developers and library authors to utilize their features better. Another example that springs to mind is Find Usages and Expression Languages, such as how WebWork and Tapestry work.

  4. Ales Says:

    What about AspectJ5 support?

  5. Marcus Andersson Says:

    ctrl+click and error highlighting are good features but apart from that you don’t get much more than you get from editors like UltraEdit (actually less since you get a code outline in UltraEdit and the formatter (almost) works in UltraEdit as opposed to the code formatting of js in IDEA)

    1. You need a way (maybe there is and I didn’t find it) to be able to make several script files aware of each other (in a script heavy project you have to deal with as much as 200-300kb (or even more) of js and you don’t want that in one file!)

    2. Perhaps even more important, the editor should have support for OO javascript. At least content assist on “this” and support for the most basic prototype based inheritance. If you can get content assist on instances it would be even better (you probably have to “type” the instances via some comment or something though).

    Then you will have a really awesome javascript editor/IDE. It’s something I’ve been longin for the last 5 years or so…

  6. Arun BS Says:

    When can we expect Idea 5???

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