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Nov 26

IBM and BEA Sitting in a Tree…

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IBM and BEA came out with an interesting announcement today. It seems that they got together and worked on some specs for three areas of the application server:

  • Service Data Objects: Which is kinda like ADO for our world
  • WorkManager: Which allows us to pass work to someone who can create new threads!
  • Timers: This seems fit inbetween the J2SE timers, and the EJB timers. It is a Timer which is managed by the app server

A lot has been read into these “joint” specs:

1. BEA and IBM are going to take over the world… and Sun isn’t invited
2. BEA and IBM want to kill smaller app server players
3. Hey, don’t most JSRs get started via vendors? What is the big deal?

The other point that has been brought up is the fact that these types of tech are in J2EE Connectors 1.5 (JSR 112), and the Timers in J2SE 1.5. Maybe this was a chance for these guys to vent that they weren’t happy with what they got?

I do think it is very good to having these two vendors sitting around the same table and working on standards for their technology. That is definately a good thing isn’t it?

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