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Dec 22

I forgot about the Christmas Cards Culture

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I had forgotten about the British christmas card culture. They are a big deal over here. Many people count how many they get.

Many display them everywhere in a Look how many friends I have kinda way.

We still get some christmas cards in the US, from people in the UK. We even managed to get one card in October! Why would we get it so early?

Maybe it could be:

“I don’t know about the post to the US. It may take months so we better get it over there!”

However, in this case, that wasn’t the case. The reason is that if you get your cards out early, then the people that you send them too…. well, they will surely send one back even if they hadn’t planned to send you one!

I had another experience last weekend. I went to a party with a good mate. When we got there, people were exchanging cards (btw, most of the time nothing is written in them other than ‘To Foo, Merry Xmas, From Bar’) and I sat back. Then, some how, someone gave one to me! Only the british would be so curtious as to think “Oh, Marc is bringing Dion over… I better get a card for him too”

Ahh, good ‘ole blighty.

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