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Dec 18

Howard runs into the Servlet mapping limitations

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Howard has run into the limitations of servlet mappings.

I think the fact that the power that we are given for these mappings is SO weak, is a bit of a sign for the Java community, and specifications in general.

Imagine if Servlets came out in another community (Ruby/Perl/Python/whatever).

I would guess the following would have happened:

Scenario 1

Bob: Here is the API
Harry: Erm. We have Regex. Let’s use it :)

Scenario 2

Bob: Here is the API
Harry: OK

… API released …

User replies: This is too limiting. We have Regex. Let’s use it :)
Other users: *repeat above*
Some other users: Tweak the module to be more powerful and submit patches
API maintainers: We were wrong. Let’s release a new version quickly

It also makes me die when these types of deployment descriptors are always INCLUDE only. How about having exclude semantics?

Sorry, Howard. Keep fighting the fight, and get those URLs sorted out :)

It would also be awesome to be able to tweak them so I could use:


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